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Property Tax Relief

I have a passion to bring change to the structure of property taxes.  It is why I began having an interest in the Ada County Assessor position.  Property taxes have become a burden on many Idahoans, especially so in Ada County with its extraordinary growth.  The Elected Assessor has a responsibility to work with the legislature; this has not been the case.   I will work with lawmakers to craft bill(s) to restructure Idaho Property Tax Laws to bring relief to ALL Idahoans, especially those on fixed income.  A plan which will bring relief to all Idahoans, especially Ada County with its out-of-control property tax increases, and which will benefit first time home buyers. I am the only candidate with a plan to restructure property taxes.  


Budget Creation and Management

My career has provided me with years of Budgeting experience.  This experience is crucial to being a successful Ada County Assessor.  The Assessor is responsible for creating four annual budgets and overseeing the finances throughout the year.  I have decades of budget experience, both in corporate settings and as a small business owner. 

  • An MBA degree

  • Finance and Budget Manager over three Corporate Divisions at Walt Disney Co.

  • Budget Manager over an entire Hollywood Studio at Paramount Pictures

  • Business Plan creation and development for my restaurant (Bolo's in Meridian, Id.)

  • Annual budgets for a small business (Bolo's Pub & Eatery)


Ada County needs and deserves an Assessor who has legislative knowhow, a relationship with legislators, a plan to restructure the property tax burden to reduce taxes for Ada County and all of Idaho, has years of experience with large and small budget creation, and administration.  I am the one Candidate who meets these criteria and I will be a successful Assessor serving the Citizens of Ada County.

Being a successful leader takes years of experience.  Managing multiple divisions and business units takes dedication, knowledge and integrity. I have decades of experience in leadership roles. I have decades of experience in business operations, management, planning, and budgeting, both in corporate settings and as an entrepreneur. 

Decades of leading by example.  My leadership, mentorship and coaching have led to the growth and success of countless people over my career.  I have led my teams and staff to provide excellent customer service, set and attain their goals, and be leaders themselves, stepping outside of their comfort zones and take ownership of their job. 

Leadership leads to individual growth. I have led by example and mentored employees who have gone on to develop and start their own successful businesses. I have coached and mentored athletes to grow in their sport and as young adults.

A leader provides for their team. A leader for any entity has a responsibility and purpose of providing their team the necessary tools and resources to be successful at their job. That success includes performing at their best ability, having the ownership mentality and integrity to provide the best customer service to their peers and customers.

As your next Ada County Assessor, I will bring my decades of Experience, Leadership and Integrity to further the Assessor’s Office excellence in adhering to Legislative requirements, providing the needed resources and tools for all members of the Assessor’s office and to provide excellent customer service to the Citizens of Ada County.



Paid for by Bolicek for Ada County Assessor, Michael Blomstrom Treasurer

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