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Team Bolicek Supporters

Thank you to my Team for placing campaign signs around Ada County, contributing funds to my campaign, and all of your support!

Ada County Sheriff Matt Clifford

Congressman Russ Fulcher

Idaho State Rep. Jason Monks


Brad Carlson

Rick Zamzow

Aaron Shepherd

Pastor Tom Dougherty

Scott Fahey

Mitch Toryanski

Payton Dorman

Jerry Zimmerman

Michael Blomstrom

Cody Bolicek

TJ Dyer

Greg Pacheco

Clarence Shaver

Mary Shaver

Joseph Landen

Dawn Retzlaff

Megan Landen

Donnel Arnold

Kelly Scheidel

Bruce Crow

Marilee Crow

Kelly Doughty

Gary Raney

Jeffery Hall

Cory Russell

Stacey Russell

Christopher Saunders

Ben Duskey
Dr. Steve Mings

Nancy Santoro

Gene Beighley

Julie Ptacek

John Ptacek







Keith Bolton

Dianne Dyer

Janie Heller

Phil Henderson

John Mark Krum

Sandra Coulter Stoner

Audra Ford

Rep. Jason Monk, Asst. Majority Leader



Paid for by Bolicek for Ada County Assessor, Michael Blomstrom Treasurer

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